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Why set up a home VPN router?

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Protect your entire Wi-Fi network easily

  • The ExpressVPN app for routers secures all devices on your Wi-Fi network
  • Install the app on any compatible router or buy a router preconfigured with ExpressVPN
  • With a single VPN router, you no longer need to install a separate VPN app on each device

How to protect your home Wi-Fi with a VPN router in 3 easy steps

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Step 2 Buy a router

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Step 3 Set up your router

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5 reasons to get a VPN router

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Protect everything

Use a VPN on any Wi-Fi-enabled device, even ones that can’t normally run VPN software, like certain smart TVs and streaming devices or on gaming consoles like Xbox and PlayStation. If it has Wi-Fi, it’s protected.

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Better security

A VPN works best when it’s always on. With an ExpressVPN router, you don’t have to remember to connect. Every device is secured, right from the source. And our Network Lock kill switch ensures uninterrupted protection.

ExpressVPN app for routers: app UI

Easy-to-use interface

Choosing a VPN server location and getting connected are a breeze. Say goodbye to confusing menus and settings—just click to connect. Want certain devices excluded from the VPN? No problem. Split tunneling gives you complete control.

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Use more devices

There’s no need to install separate apps on all your devices. VPN on your router protects each new device automatically. It’s as easy as joining a Wi-Fi network. No extra steps!

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Defeat censorship

Compared with other VPN router solutions, ExpressVPN’s next-generation VPN technology quadruples connection success rates, allowing you to defeat censorship on all your devices.

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Recommended VPN routers for home Wi-Fi networks

Most powerful

Linksys WRT3200ACM

View specs
Linksys WRT3200ACM router

50 Mbps VPN speed

8+ connected devices

Suitable for large homes

Buy now for $220 or get it preconfigured for $299


Linksys WRT1900ACS

View specs
Linksys WRT1900ACS router

40 Mbps VPN speed

Up to 7 connected devices

Suitable for most homes

Buy now for $170 or get it preconfigured for $249

Note: Prices listed here may be subject to change.

VPN setup guides for all supported routers

Manually set up VPN

Less secure & harder to use

World-class support for VPN router setup

ExpressVPN makes it easy to set up a VPN router at home. If you ever run into trouble, you can contact ExpressVPN Support anytime, day or night, and get back online in minutes.

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Find out what customers have to say about the ExpressVPN app for routers

Speed is great and customer service is outstanding. Friendly interface and easy to use. Most recommended.
I like ExpressVPN, everything works as intended and I even had a stupid question that was answered quickly and very friendly by the support. Love it!
ExpressVPN is extremely easy to install and use, and comes with a 30 day money-back guarantee. Installation is incredibly simple.
I would like to say that I was extremely satisfied with ExpressVPN while my children and I were in Asia. We were homeschooling, and it was important that we were able to reach those websites from Asia with acceptable response time. I was also able to keep friends and family updated through Facebook. We are back in the US and no longer need our VPN, but I will highly recommend ExpressVPN to friends and will sign up again when I go back to Asia!
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